Plant Trek

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Plant Trek II

On the Past, Present & Future of Plant Genetic Engineering

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Undiscovered Country – Making New Plants
1.0 Where Do New Plants Come From?
1.1 What Are the Ways to Make a New Plant?
1.2 How the First Transgenic Plants were Made
1.3 The Second Generation: Gene Guns, “Terminators” and “Traitors”
1.4 DIY Plant Genetic Engineering
Chapter 2 Into Darkness? – Impacts of Plant GMOs
2.0 Social, Environmental, and Legal Impacts of Plant GMOs
2.1 Why Such Strong Public Opposition to GMO Crops, Despite the Scientific Evidence?
2.2 GMO?…OMG! – To Label, or Not to Label?
2.3 A Story About the Evolution of “Superweeds”
2.4 Into the Wild….
2.5 Are GMO Plants Self-Replicating Inventions?
Chapter 3 Plant Trek – To boldly Go Where No Plant Has Gone Before
3.0 Imagining (And Creating) Fantastical Plants
3.1 Farmaceuticals, Plantibodies & Edible Vaccines
3.2 In this Case, Tobacco May Actually be Good for You
3.3 From Decaf Coffee Plants to Non-Browning Apples
3.4 Nothing to Sneeze At
3.5 A Plant “Fountain of Youth”?
3.6 Plant Biotechnology – Tarnished Promises?
Chapter 4 The Next Generation – Whither Plant Genetic Engineering?
4.0 Where Next for Plant Genetic Engineering?
4.1 More Complex Genetically Modified (GM) Plants?
4.2 Does this Change Everything?
4.3 What If You Could Make “Temporary” GMO Crop Plants?
4.4 Will the Next Generation of Genetically Modified Plants Be Less Controversial?
4.5 Will We Really Need GMO Crops to Feed the World?

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