HPW Retrospectacles 2018 – June

Nature’s Number 6 (CC BY 2.0) by David Goehring

From Camouflaged Plants To “Padlocked” Plant Genes.

Plants and animals DO have many things in common, mostly at the cellular level. But sometimes similarities may occur at higher functional levels, such as body pigmentation. And a story published last June provides such an example.

Other plant science news in June 2018 featured photosynthesis, “locked” genes, and progress against a serious grapevine disease.


  • “Alien” Photosynthesis?: “The discovery changes our understanding of the basic mechanism of photosynthesis and should rewrite the textbooks. It will also tailor the way we hunt for alien life and provide insights into how we could engineer more efficient crops that take advantage of longer wavelengths of light.
    New type of photosynthesis discovered
  • Freeing “Locked” Genes in Plants?: “Purdue University scientists have discovered evidence that the repressive structures that plants use to keep genes turned off is built with a potential self-destruct switch. The findings offer insight into ways to control gene expression to alter plants’ characteristics.
    Plants have unique lock to control expression of genes, study finds

Next-Time: From crowdfunded plant science to bad fertilizers….

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