Plant Trek II – A Brief Exploration of Plant Genetic Engineering

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What This Book Is….And Isn’t.

The original version of this ebook started out, in 2013, as a compilation of some blog posts from this website. In linking these posts together, I found I needed to expand and update a lot of the information, which resulted in the first edition.

Plant Trek II is the updated, reorganized, and expanded, second edition.

What I’ve attempted to do is to provide readers with a “stroll” through the subject of plant genetic engineering and plant biotechnology.

The trail starts with a brief history of the subject, then spends a little time with how it’s done and how plant biotechnology has developed over the past 40 years or so, including how plant biotechnology “hobbyists” may be getting into the act.

The path then branches off to brief side trips into the social, ecological, and legal implications of this technology.

Next, we explore what sort of interesting things one could conceivably do (and indeed already has been done) with genetically engineered plants.

Nearing the trail’s end, there’s a bit about where plant biotechnology may be headed in the future, including the implications of new, revolutionary gene-editing techniques, such as CRISPR.

This book is NOT a comprehensive textbook on plant genetic engineering and biotechnology. (I do, however, try to provide links to current resources for more information.)

FREE! (And No DRM)

Yes, you can download your free copy (16MB; sans DRM) HERE.

But before you do, let me tell you a bit about the current version.

First off, this digital book was built using Apple’s iBooks Author, so the resulting “ibooks” file works best on an iPad. (I’ll explain below the ways to get it onto your iPad.) You can also view it on a Mac computer using the iBooks app.

For Windows and Android tablet users, a free PDF version (28MB; no DRM) is now available HERE.

And, finally, for Kindle e-readers there is a free mobi file (zipped) available HERE. This ebook is also available directly from Amazon HERE.

How To Download the iBooks Version

The iBooks version of Plant Trek II is the best (visually and content-rich) and is available to download HERE as a zip file. Typically, just double-click on it to unzip it. On a Mac, you can simply open the iBooks app and drag it into your library, and you’re done.

How to get the Plant Trek II ibooks file onto your iPad:

  • For some of you, the book will automatically appear in your iBooks app on your iPad if your iPad and Mac are synced via iCloud.
  • If this didn’t work, and if you have an active iCloud drive, access your iCloud drive (via your web browser on your Mac). Now drag the Plant Trek II ibooks file into your iCloud drive. Once it’s there, you can then go back to your iPad, open the iCloud drive, click on the ibooks file, touch the “share” icon in the upper right-hand corner and choose to download it to your iBooks app on your iPad.
  • If you don’t have an iCloud drive, then plug your iPad into your Mac. Using iTunes, you should then be able to transfer the file from your Mac onto your iPad.
  • Or you can skip all of the above, and buy a copy ($1.99) in the iBooks store, so that it’s easily accessible for all of your devices (and help support

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