More Socially Acceptable Plant GMO’s On The Horizon? – Petunia Circadia

Flowers That Change Color Over The Course Of A Day

Are transgenic plants a curse or a blessing?

Many people in the industrialized countries believe the former, despite ample scientific evidence to the contrary.

But I really don’t want to get into this thorny issue here, mainly because it’s been so well discussed elsewhere. (Please see, for example, Ref. 1 below.)

I would, however, like to tell you about some recent examples of genetically-engineered plants that may lead to greater social acceptance of plant GMO’s – starting with Petunia Circadia.

How would you like to grow plants with flowers that change color continuously throughout the day, from pink to blue and back again?

Well, the folks at Revolution Bioengineering are genetically modifying common petunias to do just that.

Here’s a YouTube video summarizing their story:

How do they do it? A good explanation can be found at: the science of color changing flowers.

For More Information: A list of stories about Revolution Bioengineering

If you’d like to grow some color-changing petunias, here’s your chance to help make it so:

Currently, Revolution Bioengineering is seeking financial support at INDIEGOGO, and you can see their latest updates here.


1. Raven, Peter H. (2014) “Transgenic Plants and the Natural World: Curse or Blessing?” (Full Text)

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