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It’s been over three years since I first explored the field of do-it-yourself plant biotechnology in a blog post entitled DIY Plant Genetic Engineering?

Since then, interest and activity in DIY biotech has grown. For instance, please see a more recent blog post on the subject Bio-Hacking Plants?.

You can also read about this subject in Chapter 8 of my e-book Plant Trek.

And now, thanks to O’Reilly Media, there is even a quarterly newsletter on this interesting and timely subject.

As described on their website, BioCoder is the newsletter of a “biological revolution“.

“What revolution?”, you may ask.

Well, according to O’Reilly: “We’re at the start of a revolution that will transform our lives as radically as the computer revolution of the 70s. The biological revolution will touch every aspect of our lives: food and health, certainly, but also art, recreation, law, business, and much more.”

In the Winter 2014 online issue of BioCoder there are a couple of chapters regarding plant biotechnology. One is called “Molecular Tools for Synthetic Biology in Plants”, and the other has the fascinating title “How We Crowd-funded $484k to Make Glowing Plants”.

If you’re curious about this subject, you surely should check out BioCoder.

And one of the coolest things about this newsletter is that it’s FREE.

Thanks O’Reilly!

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