What’s New About How Plants Work? – Some “Tasty Tidbits” From 2013 (Second Course)

4908173199 c794bdca7c nWe started “nibbling” on the plant sciences “buffet” of 2013 in the previous post.

Plant longevity, plant physics, and climate change were the featured “tidbits” from my January 2013 HowPlantsWork Twitter posts.

So, what about from February 2013?

  • New research shows that transgenic tobacco plants can be used to produce safe, protective antibodies against rabies and to benefit patients in developing countries: Genetically modified tobacco plants produce antibodies to treat rabies.
  • News regarding inter-plant communication was big in 2013, and February was no exception: Can plants be altruistic? and Plants do communicate—and kin relationship has a bearing.
  • Regarding insect pollination news: Bumblebees sense flowers’ electric fields and Bees attracted to contrasting colors when looking for nectar.
  • Big news in 2013 involved a key GMO seed patent case and its implications: Farmer’s fight with Monsanto reaches the U. S. Supreme Court and Loss of patent control could rekindle ‘terminator’ technology.
  • News about the the control of flowering in plants had some interesting twists last February, including: Sugar influences the onset of flowering and Research pinpoints region of plant genome where rising CO2 controls flowering time.
  • Next Up: March 2013.

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