Take an Audio Tour About the Chemistry of Plants (And More)

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Thanks to the University of Oxford, you can now take an online audio stroll around the Oxford Botanic Garden and find out some interesting things about the chemistry that gives plants their flavors, colors and medicinal properties.

Visit the link provided below to hear some students and faculty from the Oxford Department of Chemistry tell about why plants are green, some ancient pigments, the distinctive flavors of ginger, the chemistry behind a tree that smells of caramel, and other fascinating examples of the amazing chemistry of plants.

Along with the 20 audio files are some images of plants from the tour that can be viewed in a slideshow.

This website is definitely worth a visit.

Link: Garden audio trail reveals ginger and lotus secrets

And also worth a visit…..

Listening To The New York Botanical Garden

If you enjoyed this audio tour, you may also like the variety of audio tours provided by The New York Botanical Garden.

Some of these NYBG audio tours include the following: Green Currency (Plants in the Economy), Plant Hunter for Kids, and much more.

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