Botanicula: At Play In A Surreal Botanical World

Just For Fun

Sometimes it’s good to leave what we call “the real world” and spend some time in an imaginary world. Especially if you visit the dreamlike botanical world of Botanicula.

The brilliant artists and programmers at Amanita Design, a small independent video game development studio based in the Czech Republic, and musicians of the band DVA collaborated to create this fantastic point’n’click exploration game.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of spending a few hours puzzling through a part of the adventure and look forward to continuing my journey.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and bemusing respite from “the real world”, I highly recommend the 2012 winner of the “Best European Adventure Game”, Botanicula*.

Warning: You may not want to come back.

*For Windows, Mac or Linux. $10 for DRM-free 693MB download. (And, no, I don’t get a kickback.)

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