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Plant Trek


Plant Trek

On the Past, Present & Future of Plant Genetic Engineering

PDF version now available for free (view and download 9.6MB file HERE).

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About Plant Trek:

This ebook started as a compilation of some blog posts at HowPlantsWork.com. In linking these posts together, I found I needed (and wanted) to expand and update a lot of the information. So, what you have here is much more than just a bunch of copies of old web posts that you can already read online. What I’ve attempted to do is to provide readers with a “brief stroll” through the subject of plant genetic engineering and plant biotechnology.
The trail starts with a brief history of the subject, then spends a little time with how it’s done and how plant biotechnology has developed over the past 30 years. The path then branches off to brief side trips into the ecological and legal implications of this technology. At trails end, there’s a bit about where plant biotechnology may be headed in the future, including how plant biotechnology “hobbyists” may be getting into the act.
Chapter Titles:
Where Do New Plants Come From?
How To Make A Transgenic Plant
Gene Guns, Terminators & Traitors
Farmaceuticals, Plantibodies & Edible Vaccines
Into The Wild (Do genetically-engineered plants “leak” transgenes into the environment?)
Are Genetically-Modified (GM) Plants Self-Replicating Inventions? (Legal implications of GM plants)
Plant Trek -> The Next Generation
DIY Plant Genetic Engineering

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